What is a landing page ?

This is not your homepage (first page) as most people think. A landing page is a standalone page with a very specific purpose; to convert visitors into paying customers. You “land” on this page after clicking a mail link or ad link.

landing-page-sideTypes of landing pages?

A “click-through landing” page usually describes a product you want to sell and have Call-to-action button, which companies are using the product, faq section etc.

“Lead generation landing page” collects visitor information (name, email, address, …). Landing pages shouldn’t have any menu items or subpages because it may confuse the user.

Elements of a landing page

Main statement from Luminosity

Main statement from Luminosity

Main statement

This is a message that you want to send to a possible customer. This should include a main title, subtitle and closing argument.


Great example of Support material

Support material

In order to support the main statement, it is advisable to put pictures and videos of your products in action.

Simply displayed benefits from lyft.com

Simply displayed benefits from lyft.com


Do not display features but benefits – how and why the product can help your customers.

Social proof

Building trust in your visitors with testimonials, with trust seals and customer count.

Great example of CTA section in Luminosity APP webpage

Great example of CTA section in Luminosity APP webpage

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Section of the page which goal is to motivated and convince visitor to do desired actions – subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product …



Means conversion from visitor to paying customer. Conversion rate tells you  how many page objective visitors became clients/customers.

Improving your conversion rate ?

  • More visitors – only partially true because you have to pay for extra traffic (google ads …) – example: if your conversion rate is 10%, and your profit from sales is 1000 € – when you increase your conversion rate to 20% – your profit increases to 2000 €. So, do not waste to much money on increasing traffic to your website, rather hire an expert to give you a good website optimization.
  • Message matching – consistent message across the site – ex. Google search title is the same as you get on the page.
  • Simple layout – users are looking for information about the product, so do not use unnecessary content
  • Testimonials quotes with real people photos are very effective. Visitor will quickly see if you put fake generic testimonials
  • Buy photos – don’t use the ones you find in Google images, probably with watermarks or stolen of other websites.
  • Test your forms so they work


Post conversion techniques

  • Follow-up with a email or a phone call – maintain long lasting relationship with a customers so they become a returning customers and will gladly recommend you to others
  • Confirmation page or pop-up – follow us on Facebook or Twitter, “Thank you for being our customer, follow us on socials to get the updates on the product” or a simple “Thank you for buying our product” message goes a long way of leaving customer with confirmation or feeling that they made a good buy
Optimizely infographic shows importance of A/B testing

Optimizely infographic shows importance of A/B testing

A/B testing

  • use of a specialized software (CrazyEgg, Optimizely) that redirect half of your website traffic to page variant A and half to variant B – that way you can test different changes to your website, such as different color CTA button, different placement of various elements etc.
  • it is recommended that you test only one change at the time – ex. test only change of the color on the CTA button. That way you get more clearer results.


Those were some basic tips about landing pages, if you need more information you can contact us