Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are buttons for your website / landing pages / e-shops to direct users to your goal conversion. This might be to sign up to a newsletter, add to cart buttons, create a free account, download buttons or anything you want your site visitor to do.


What kind of button is the most clickable to you ?

Click and test which button has the most clicks:

Link to the Button Experiment section


Successful CTA buttons have:

  • “Friendly”, not-annoying, action text – “Send me my free gift”, “Try our demo for free”
  • Colors – green or orange buttons are reported to perform the best
  • Shapes – you can experiment with shapes, but be careful that they are in style with your web page
  • Readable / large text that isn’t too long
  • 90% increase in clicks if you go from “get your free download” to “get my free download”
  • Urgency – “Get my free download 50% off today only” – add “Now” at the end to increase urgency even more – “Get my free stuff Now”
  • Position – keep it above the fold of the webpage, also be aware of the white space to give the button “space to shine”
  • Bonus text below the main button text – some extra info that would increase conversions
  • E-commerce CTA – important to have Paypal options and have some A/B testing done, since one small correction can affect conversion rates.
  • Less is more – choice paradox is obvious in these cases as human minds are quickly overburdened if offered to many choices
  • Testing, testing, testing – Test placement, color, style, text – the right choices can have very positive effects, so do A/B testing whenever possible

It is good to have some “click triggers” next to the CTA buttons such as:

  • testimonials
  • “relaxing” information (“1 month free”, “no credit card required” …)
  • benefits
  • data points – (“with this product you will save 20% on annual expenses”)


In this experiment, we will try to “sell you” a service/product that you would consider to pay for. You can only click one and in the end you will get a report. We will consider some parameters that we learned above.

Please choose one button (the link will open in a new window) and see which is more effective:

Link to the Button Experiment section