It’s funny that I’m saying this, when I’m the one that usually gets sucked into a million of different chores during the day, but hey… I’m still learning too..

I bet that the first thing you did this morning was this:  you heard your alarm clock, first hit snooze, slept for 10 more minutes and then you read all of your messages on your phone. Am I right? Well, if that’s so, you’re in trouble. Before you even had a chance to yawn or stretch properly, you were looking at your messages and emails. Did you even say good morning to your SO? What was so important, that it couldn’t wait for 10-15 minutes? Let me tell you… nothing.. Nothing is so important. If it was, no one would text it to you, doooh!

Some of you maybe do it instead of pushing the snooze button, just to stay in bed a few more minutes. I know it’s hard to get out of a comfy, warm bed into reality. For some it’s just a habit. It actually doesn’t even matter why you do it, but I highly advise you not to.

There you are, not even vertical yet, with your cell in one hand, acting like the world won’t start turning until you get yourself lost in the screen. What is wrong with us?

With reading emails and texts in the morning (they usually contain junk like tasks, things to do or buy, things to add to your to do list, …) you let other people set your priorities without even having breakfast. Someone else’s needs come more important than your own.

Don’t give anyone the power to control or ruin your day.

Has it ever even occurred to you, that while still in bed, you’re not working yet? Did it cross your mind that it’s better for you to eat breakfast, maybe even exercise and then start the day? No one can think straight with an empty stomach.

By doing what you’ve done, you’re putting your goals and priorities on the side by which you’re surrendering control. And doing this on a regularly basis, no wonder that nothing you want is being done, and completing it is a wish far, far away.

Have you recognized yourself yet? Good…Here’s a reality check for you.

You are stuck in a routine you don’t like, doing things that make you unhappy and it all starts with the second you open your inbox in the morning instead of making yourself a healthy breakfast, hugging your SO or walking the dog.

And there’s a simple solution to it. STOP IT!

The solution is simple. Just stop it. Stop sleeping with your phone, stop checking it every 10 minutes and make a rule that you’re not allowed to check your inboxes until you’re awake for at least an hour. Maybe this sound unbelievable but the emails and texts won’t go anywhere, they’ll still be waiting for you when you come back from your healthy morning routine.

I’m not saying the solution is easy. It’s not. But it is simple. We are creatures of habit and it’s never easy for us to let a habit go, especially the ones that aren’t good for us (you know, watching too much TV, chocolate, smoking, …). But look at it this way – if you made a habit you can also unmake it and make a new on, right?

You are the master of your life and you control what you do with it. You’re the one who decides whether you’ll give your body and brain the energy they need to function or you’ll just hop into things that could easily wait for an hour.


I highly recommend that you try to wake up 1 hour before you’re used to waking up right now. I know… that hour of sleep feels like it’s worth a million dollars right now, but stick with me, you’ll see it’s worth it.

Divide that hour into 3 sections:

  • In the first section do this: stay in bed, yawn, stretch, and imagine what your day is going to be like, what you’ll wear, how you’re gonna feel, who you’re gonna see, … Decide what you want from that day and make the most of it.
  • You’re in the second section. Now that you’ve imagined it make a brain dump. Write on a piece of paper everything that you have in your head at the moment – all the chores, driving, worries, insecurities, what you want for that day, etc… Then take the piece of paper, shred it and throw it away. That way your brain’ll be empty and
  • In the third section make yourself coffee or tee and just enjoy it. When was the last time you just relaxed and drank your favorite morning drink peacefully?

This is an hour that is meant for you and only for you. This is where you get time to spend it with yourself. Thank god that most of us aren’t morning persons, because this means that you truly will be alone and have the peace you need to start your day. You don’t have to divide it the way I did, you can do it differently but make sure that it’s your hour of the day where the ONLY RULE is  NO CELLPHONE!

Start your day with yourself. Decide what and how you want to do things, when you want to do them and just take action. As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, if something’s urgent, people will call or come to you, nobody writes an urgent email… emails just aren’t urgent.

I did that for a period of time (those few steps I’ve explained) and that 1 hour did miracles. And I’m sad and a bit angry that I stopped practicing it, but I’m on my way back (my priorities also weren’t set properly).

After a while I realized that by taking time for myself early in the morning, my day was calmer. I stopped worrying for little things, because most of them I threw away with my brain dump. Not only that, I had space in my head for new, valuable information (I’m really sorry, but worrying about what might happen isn’t valuable information, it’s trash that’s making a big cluster in your head).

Not only that, I had time in the morning. Time to cook breakfast. Time to read a book. Time to put make up on (which I usually don’t, because hey… 15 minutes of sleep is also worth millions, right?). Time to do yoga in the morning, which is priceless. Nothing can start your day better than a good stretch and some breathing exercises. I enjoyed the silence and I saw a lot of sunrises.

You are what you choose to be. Now go and choose to be in control!

The best result of me practicing what I did was results. Because of that one hour doing what I did, my productivity grew a million times. Never before have I realized how productive I can be really early in the morning. And I was. My average speed of completing things was fascinating. It went from zero completed in a week to 5 a day (i count everything from exercising, reading, projects, client meetings, healthy cooking, etc.)

You have no idea how much we need alone time. Time to connect with ourselves and time to listen to ourselves. We really tend to forget about our own happiness, about our wishes, our priorities and we “happily” give control to others, the worst thing about it is that we don’t even realize that we are doing it.. And that’s horrible. Our lives are led by other people.

So, be brave and take control of your day. Be the boss of you and make sure that your day will never again start with someone else’s need. You have to right to be needy too and your needs come first. At least at 6 in the morning :).

Take care guys,