We did very interesting WordPress plugin development for file sharing that uses Dropbox functionalities. This custom plugin is special, because it do not force users to login with Dropbox (you can preview files without needing Dropbox account) in the WordPress page.

B2B is locked page serving as intranet, only for invited business partners.

Project highlights:
  • Custom WordPress plugin with multilingual support ready
  • Dropbox implementation (without visitors needing Dropbox account)
  • Separate styles that do not interfere with installed WordPress theme
  • You can add list of partner emails that have access to this B2B sub-site and all materials
  • You can also manage B2B products and manufacturers and assign business partners to each item
  • On each change, email is sent to B2B business partners with information regarding modified files, new products and manufacturer’s material or additional access permissions
  • Administrator can set email’s default content
  • Administrator can customize each email before system automatically sends it